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Are you ready to heal old wounds, be happier and live the life of your dreams?

I hope so, because you deserve it.

Right now, one or more of these may sound familiar to you…

  • “I feel like I’m going in circles in relationships and career. Maybe this is just the way it will be forever. 
  • “I’ve tried everything to be fulfilled and improve my life and nothing is working. Something must be wrong with me.”
  • I keep dating unavailable people.”


If you’ve found yourself thinking these types of thoughts, you’re not alone and you shouldn’t feel ashamed.

You feel like you’ve done it all. The therapy. The workshops or seminars. The yoga. Recovery programs. You could open up a self-help book shop with all the titles you’ve read throughout the years.

But these statements don’t have to be your reality anymore. It is possible to get to the place where blame, confusion and self-sabotage no longer play a leading role in your love life.


The Jaime B. Haas Method is an integrative system that incorporates:

  • Compassionate, dedicated one-on-one coaching tailored to heal your unique wounds and behavior which sabotages you from living your heart’s desires.
  • Transformative reading assignments.
  • Powerful reading and writing/journaling exercises
  • Custom affirmations and activities


I’ve had clients who have gone through years of therapy, given up, and then achieved the outcome they were looking for in a fraction of the time through our work together.

In order for my method to really work, however, we’ll both need to commit to your healing. There will be “homework” — actions to take when we’re not physically together — which will create lasting change. This is an important part of the process, and you deserve to get that kind of commitment from yourself.

In this workbook we go over my signature system of clearing the patterns that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. This isn’t something that you are meant to do alone, remember, if you could have done it before, you would have. Together we work on identifying what has kept you from believing you could receive what you truly desired. We explore how you have developed coping mechanisms as a result of your beliefs. We will investigate the re-occurring consequences as a result of your beliefs. Ultimately, my goal is to free you from these with affirmations and new actions.  The solution is in the safety of self-love and connection.


As your Transformational Guide, I will help you:

  • Tap into your authentic self
  • Heal old familial wounds
  • Experience deep self-love
  • Connect to source and your divine guidance
  • Be empowered
  • Live your truth
  • Communicate effectively
  • Create deeper and better relationships
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Experience more love and joy
  • Share your gifts with the world


When working together I  ask that you:

  • Be honest
  • Commit to doing the work and estimated time frame
  • Be willing to change
  • Create time and space to commit to the process
  • Listen and be open minded
  • Be gentle with yourself


The JBH method  is a dedicated program for people who are truly ready to live their dreams and achieve deep lasting fulfillment.


Are you ready? Unsure? Call me for your complimentary 15 minute discovery call and we can discuss if the JBH Method is right for you.


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