For those aiming to bring out the best versions of themselves – the path can be frustrating. Years pass, programs are attended, therapy is applied, modalities are experimented with, and yet – still they feel stuck. They can’t figure out why, after all the personal work, something just isn’t clicking.

Maybe you’re one of these people.

Maybe you’ve experienced success on the outside – but that unfulfilled feeling still nags on the inside. Maybe what you want most in life just isn’t happening and you can’t seem to figure out why.

I know because I was there.

I’d like to share my story with you, to explain a little about where I came from on this journey. Growing up, I worshipped the ground my father walked on. I was a Daddy’s Girl to the core. So when he told me that I didn’t need to worry about taking care of myself, that I would be married to rich man and all my life would be set, I believed him. The script for my life became about that – and more importantly about being saved by something (or rather, someone) outside of myself. But, of course as life often goes, things didn’t exactly work out that way.

After countless failed relationships I found myself single and hopeless. I felt like time had run out. Like it was simply never going to happen for me. And I was so angry. Angry that my life didn’t work out like I thought it would. Angry at my father for setting me up for disappointment like this. Angry at myself for not being able to figure out how to get what I wanted, and ultimately feeling like there was something wrong with me.

So I lost myself. I fell into a self-destructive cycle of drugs and alcohol and nearly died because of my addictions. At the age of 32 I found myself sitting in a room with my family, the star of an intervention, urged to finally get sober and get my life together.

And I did. I threw myself into recovery and haven’t looked back since.

But the journey was just getting started. By the age of 40, I had completed a decade of 12 step programs, in addition to the years of personal work on myself including therapy (since the age of 6!), dating seminars, all kinds of self help literature, practicing yoga, visiting healers, astrologers, you name it.

Yet still, I felt unfulfilled and stuck. Totally defeated. After all that work, I still hadn’t gotten what I wanted. My dreams still hadn’t come true.

So I set out on a quest to heal and transform in a more focused way than ever. What became apparent on this journey was that chasing healing through external fixes (i.e. getting married, more money, new job) would not and could not bring the lasting change I wanted. I had developed a ‘seeking problem’ and it was not leading to me to results I craved.

I had to go further in.

So I dug deeper than ever. I took the best elements from different practices to develop a ‘secret sauce’ of sorts — a practical approach. And it worked. Through healing and transformation, I was then able to create the path to manifest my dreams.

Over the following two years, I had not only broken through and moved past what was holding me back, but also met my soulmate. I got married at 44 and a year later, to our surprise, I got pregnant at the age of 45 – a miracle. The life I wanted finally came together. We then purchased our dream home in Los Angeles and, in my late forties, I became an entrepreneur. To this day it still blows my mind how much my world has changed through this work.

After this life-changing experience, witnesses to my transformation were curious about what I had done to make such a recognizable and positive difference. I began sharing my method with them and they applied it to their own lives. I met with people at night while my new baby slept in the other room. Word of mouth spread and references came in more and more. Immediately, incredible shifts started to happen with each person I worked with. Their lives began to dramatically change for the better, providing both positive results they had longed for as well as surprising new ones.

Thus, the Jaime B. Haas method was born.

My work is a distillation of everything I’ve learned in the last four decades about self-love, partnership, and living your dreams. I’ve helped my clients reclaim their life, heal wounds that no other modality (including therapy) was able to help, bring in their heart’s desires and find lasting love—starting with loving themselves.

I know how to help because I’ve been there. What you’ve been through is what I’ve been through. I’ve been in the trenches and I know the way out – and I want to help you experience a radical shift of your own.

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