More happiness, more connection, more success. Tap into your truest Self.

The Jaime B Haas Method stands apart from any other personal growth program out there. Jaime’s unique method is practical and exact. Jaime has exceptional abilities to extract your truth so you can be free.  The Jaime B Haas Method  is proven to provide lasting permanent transformation and healing for clients who commit and complete the program. You have to do the work, and yes, there is work!

It may sound impossible, however the healing and new foundation you create stays with you. From this place of healing and new thinking and behaviors, your heart’s desires magnetize with ease and staying power.



After 25+ years of being on a healing/spiritual path, I was still struggling with looking outside of myself to find love and happiness.  With a beautiful blend of heart and mind, Jaime walked me through my fears to a place of self-love, trust, and empowerment.  She helped me discover a greater depth of inner guidance and love within myself that has been life-changing.  Thanks to Jaime, I am now living a more authentic, joyful, and love-filled life.

– Kim S.

Jaime is amazing! The work we have done in the last 2 years has changed my life. When I first started working with Jaime I was very lost and broken and had no faith. Now I feel strong and confident and excited about my life. She continues to guide me toward my dreams and goals that are already coming to fruition!!

-Hunter S.

Jamie has completely transformed my life. Before I started working with her, I was completely out of touch with who I am and in a very lonely state. Jamie is a kind, intelligent, empathetic, miracle worker.For the first time, I truly loved and accepted myself for who I am, I let go of old resentment and anger, my relationship with loved ones grew, I manifested a beautiful and healthy relationship into my life, and I was reignited with a new love, motivation, and interest in the work I am pursuing. I am so happy with where I am and so excited about where I’m headed!

-Mia S.

Before I met Jaime, i was going through the same patterns and daily routines of what other people thought, looking for love outside myself and scraping by. I didn’t even know those old patterns were ruling my life. Once we got to work, I started to develop an amazing sense of self, I love myself truly, my abundant mindset skyrocketed, my spiritual journey really began and it’s all continued to grow even more!!

-Raj R.

Jaime helped me connect the dots when it came to my beliefs, behaviors and actions towards my ex-wife and a lifetime of resentments and anger towards my mother.  Through her guidance, I realized historical untruths about myself that kept me from acting like the man I’ve always been; one with integrity, heart and confidence.  I now have a mutually loving and respectful relationship with my ex-wife that is enviable.

– Hugh K.

My work with Jaime helped me to recognize and, more importantly, overcome a lifetime of patterns that kept me stuck and overall living an unhappy life. I was a chronic people pleaser and my doing for others was at the expense of myself, I was not taking care of myself and feeling unfulfilled. I had relationships that were harmful and abusive. Through doing the work and learning to love myself and heal from these patterns, I learned to set boundaries, say no, remove unhealthy people from my life, create the type of relationships I desire and go after the things I desire.

-Carolyn B.

Jaime helped me see how I was blocking my success by defaulting to particular behavioral patterns that no longer served me or others. Ironically, now I’m much more connected with the people I love and work with more than ever before. I am taking care of myself with more sincerity, more focused on my success, and every day I am witnessing the fruits of these subtle shifts inside.  I am manifesting a life that is more truly an expression of my purpose and helping me to be of greater service to others!

I am actually living my visions.  My dreams for my business are all coming true.  More and more they keep unfolding in magical ways!!!!


Working with Jaime showed me that I was living much of my life based on unconscious limiting beliefs and fears.  At the time I came to see Jaime I felt stuck and couldn’t see a way out of a business relationship that wasn’t working.  Thanks to doing this work. I left the business partnership in an empowered way and more than doubled my income.  I now communicate clearly and authentically in all my relationships.  I have a strong daily connection to myself and my higher power. I share from a place of service instead of fear and because of this my authentic desires are coming true with unprecedented ease. I’m so grateful to have discovered Jaime and this truly transformative method!

-Samantha H.

Jaime led me out of the scary dark place to a powerful new sense of self and safety. Now I’m naturally self-loving, connected to my Higher Power, letting the Universe direct me toward happiness and fulfillment and without the limiting beliefs and behaviors which really do feel like they’re gone forever. I’ve  gotten two of the biggest and best-paid jobs of my life – and I met the woman of my dreams. Her program is a one-way street. The bad stuff doesn’t come back. Life is so much easier now I have let go of all the exhausting busy-work of avoiding inner pain.

-Steve S.

Jaime taught me how to live life confidently without the crusted/rusted armor.  They are simple techniques with huge results.  I’ve done a 180 on how I approach life, my family & most importantly myself.

I’ve moved to a city I adore. I brought in and purchased the home of my dreams.  I am creating a life that is full of opportunities.  My Life isn’t perfect but it’s 1000% maybe even 2000% better.

-Leslie M.

Within weeks of working with Jaime I started become a better leader in my business.  I started to see things as they were. I’m now more present, self aware and more responsible for my own life instead of being a victim.

I developed a new way of dealing and feeling that allows me to go deep and establish a love and compassion for myself that I never knew was possible…and I feel an unbelievable connection to my purpose and how I want to live.  I am no longer tired, restless and on to the next thing. Instead I’m completely in my body and fulfilled in ways that I cannot describe. My business is thriving, I’m bringing in high quality support, partners and opportunities. My confidence is immeasurably better where I feel worthy of great things and everything around me is reflecting how I feel. I couldn’t have dreamed of the life I’m living! I feel like a walking miracle and the truth is that it keeps getting better.

-Becky H.

After having experienced a half dozen transformational workshops, I
didn’t think that Jaime’s work would add anything of value to my life.
The results have been amazing. I uncovered old ideas and concepts that
were holding me back. Best of all, I was able to let them go and leave
them in the past.
My business life is on a rocket ship. I’m also attracting women who
are more in line with who I am and what I want.

-Napolean C.

My work with Jaime has been like moving mountains of self doubt, limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been completely ineffective or even hurtful in my interactions with my family of origin, my husband and my children.

I have had much success in business  but this is my first time working with a coach.  Pattern work with Jaime created a new awareness in an almost revelatory way, of who I had been and who I really am.

It’s hard to put into words how life changing this self-examination work has been and how gently and lovingly it has been facilitated.  Like childbirth: sometimes a little painful but well worth it.

Her God-conscious spiritual approach, foundational actions for success, and genuine enthusiasm for my new business are supporting me to realize my vision for this next stage of my life, both personal and professional.

-Bobbi T.

I had read every book, taken every course and sat in all the right meetings and still the remaining issues did not budge. I didn’t realize there’s a certain amount of healing that takes place only through mentorship like the one I experience with Jaime. Jaime’s magic simply plowed through them all. She knocked them down one by one. I finally started to get results and see the light. I could breathe and for the first time in my life I felt sane. The results are real, true and solid. I feel strong, authentic, powerful and present. I got myself back…I got my life back.

-Kirk K.

Meet Jaime

For those aiming to bring out the best versions of themselves – the path can be frustrating. Years pass, programs are attended, therapy is applied, modalities are experimented with, and yet – still they feel stuck. They can’t figure out why, after all the personal work, something just isn’t clicking.

Maybe you’re one of these people.

Maybe you’ve experienced success on the outside – but that unfulfilled feeling still nags on the inside. Maybe what you want most in life just isn’t happening and you can’t seem to figure out why.

The Jaime B. Haas Method is about creating real, deep transformation — a transformation that allows you to make decisions from an entirely new vantage point. Rather than trying to turn you into something you’re not, we work to bring out and align your life with your truest self in order to bring lasting change, authentic love, and a self-empowered life.