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Are you ready to “rip off the band-aid” and do the deep work?

The clients who end up choosing the Jaime B Haas Method and having real success are ready to change their negative core programming for good. This includes Identifying and rewriting the deep inner patterns that – if unchanged – will continue to create the same unwanted results.

They are finally ready to do the deep work they already know in their soul needs to be done.

Is this you? Have you had enough? I want to hear from you.

Have other approaches failed to bring permanent results?

Many times self help books, talk therapy, seminars, yoga or meditation only bring temporary relief. However, unless we go deeper and understand the root cause of why the patterns exist in the first place, other modalities can’t produce lasting change.

This “core programming” is the unique internal wiring that was created during childhood, through the relationship with your parents as well as significant life experiences.

Following the current pain points, we find the exact thinking and behaviors that are still at the root of your decision making. Permanent change is not possible without choosing what you want to keep and what to rewrite. This is what the Jaime B Haas Method is all about.

Have you had enough? I get it!

Not long ago I was 40 and still desperately single, financially struggling, and stuck in a cycle of unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships. One crucial discovery that transformed me, my love life, and my business.

…And at 42 my soulmate FOUND ME.

…At 44 I got married for the first time.

…And at 45 I got pregnant by surprise and I now have a beautiful son…

…And at 46 I was led to my soul purpose of sharing this method with the world.


The Jaime B Haas Method is a proven method of permanent transformation.

“The journey of looking at my history, my patterns & limiting beliefs was somewhat painful. By going deep and understanding my family of origin and where I had developed my attachments around people, love and survival skills, there was an uncovering that to this day I can honestly say completely changed my life. She's an absolute miracle worker.

-Becky H.

Her method is to take the details of our own personal story of trauma and give it back to us as bespoke affirmations and healing statements. They are designed to shine light on the inner pain we hold inside which secretly creates limiting beliefs and behaviors we are unaware of.”

-Steve S.

“I now communicate clearly and authentically in all my relationships. I have a strong daily connection to myself and my higher power. I share from a place of service instead of fear and because of this my authentic desires are coming true with unprecedented ease. I’m so grateful to have discovered Jaime and her truly transformative method!”

-Samantha H.

"Jaime is amazing! The work we have done in the last 2 years has changed my life. When I first started working with Jaime I was very lost and broken and had no faith. Now I feel strong and confident and excited about my life. She continues to guide me toward my dreams and goals that are already coming to fruition!!"

-Hunter S

"After having experienced a half dozen transformational workshops, I didn’t think that Jaime’s work would add anything of value to my life. The results have been amazing. I uncovered old ideas and concepts that were holding me back. Best of all, I was able to let them go and leave them in the past. My business life is on a rocket ship. I’m also attracting women who are more in line with who I am and what I want."

-Napolean C.

Discover exactly how the Jaime B Haas Method Can uncover your Core Programming and
transform your life giving you the joy, connection, and confidence you deserve.

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The Jaime B Haas Method

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