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Hi! I’m Jaime

I’m Jaime B. Haas, an L.A.-based Transformational Guide and Life Changer dedicated to helping you to clear a path in your life to accomplish your deepest desires.

By uncovering the truth behind old thinking and behavior patterns that keep you stuck,  I will help you  transform your life and heal your wounds that have kept you from succeeding in all areas. This transformational process is like no other modality.  So you will come at the world from a new vantage point from which you will create a life you will love, bring in real authentic love and thrive in every area!


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Hello Healing

My approach is practical and an exact formula. We go through layers of patterning beginning with limiting beliefs and fears on to thinking and behavior patterns. Together, we then pinpoint your personal challenges and you are given immediate actionable solutions to take into your life and begin healing and transformation.

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Hello Love

Hello Love is different because we’re working to excavate your true self from the ashes of your past, not trying to manipulate you to be something you’re not.
This is about transforming your life so that you’re forever able to make decisions from an entirely new vantage point: one that is sustainable, authentic, and self-assured.

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“I am so grateful for Jaime and the program she shared with me. I firmly believe that the work we did together took me to the emotional place where I was ready to finally meet and be with the man that is now my husband...”

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Working With Men

For many men out there, it can be difficult to communicate real emotions. Especially in love. The world has been set up to emotionally limit men for centuries. Vulnerability and self-care have long been seen as a sign of weakness for most males in Western society.

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