“This is about making your entire life better—not about mesmerizing potential dates with a fancy online profile, losing weight, or getting Botox.”

Hello Love is different because we’re working to excavate your true self from the ashes of your past, not trying to manipulate you to be something you’re not.

This is about transforming your life so that you’re forever able to make decisions from an entirely new vantage point: one that is sustainable, authentic, and self-assured.


Hello Love is a transformative process that happens in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Healing – Clear the Path for Love.

This is where it all begins. In this dynamic period, you will…

✓     Unravel and cut coping mechanisms that are preventing you from finding love.
✓     Finally find and release the toxic behavior patterns that bind you.
✓     Heal from your past pain and discover a Divine Power to help guide you from deep within you.
✓     Start transforming immediately within all areas of your life (because you’re showing up differently!)
✓     Experience new and different results—because you’ve finally cleared the way for your true self to shine through.
✓     Receive personalized attention and customized solutions that are in alignment with the Hello Love system, but are specifically tailored for you.




Now that we’ve cleared the path for love, we’ll journey onwards towards manifesting your dream relationship and life!

✓     Dive deep into old relationship “blind spots” in order to completely move on.
      Let go of all the love + relationship gunk you didn’t realize you were hanging onto.
      Step into the unshakable understanding that what you want is achievable—and is absolutely available for you.
      Know to your very core that you deserve happiness & love—and start manifesting the results of that attitude.
      Manifest your true desires through my one-of-a kind visioning and gratitude process.
      Receive personalized attention and customized solutions that are in alignment with the Hello Love system, but are specifically tailored for you.

Learn more now about the love and relationships programs that will change the rest of your life.




This is the incredible finish line! By this stage, you’ll be consciously crafting the life you’ve always dreamed of. During this time period, you will…

✓     Realize your dreams and get support as you acclimate to “the new normal” of your awesome life.
      Deliberately utilize all the discoveries you developed in the first two stages of Hello Love to manifest abundant miracles in your life.
      Continue the discovery process of yourself and keep aligning your actions with who you truly are.
      Get “in the trenches” support as you date, try new experiences, and go after career and life goals.

Hello Love
 is an integrative system that incorporates:

  • Compassionate, dedicated one-on-one coaching
  • Helpful email and phone support
  • Transformative reading assignments
  • Powerful writing and journaling exercises
  • Life-changing affirmations and other tailored activities


Every woman seeking a healthy loving relationship should work with Jaime. She helped me to see my patterns and why my relationships weren’t working. After working with her, I can see myself more clearly and am able to choose differently. I now have hope that I can meet my soulmate.”
Therese M, Los Angeles





Still not sure? Hello Love is a dedicated program for people who are truly ready to find Love.

If you…

  • Are ready to eradicate what’s holding you back from the love you desire…
  • Are willing to trust the process and go outside your comfort zone to heal…
  • Know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working…
  • Are excited [and maybe even a little nervous] about making the necessary changes in order to bring love in…


After years of working with therapists, self help guides, spiritual healers and anyone that would guide me towards achieving my hopes of bringing in a life partner, I found the work I did with Jaime to be the most effective and life changing. I have had amazing success professionally, but have been very challenged when it comes to finding a lasting and fulfilling love with a partner. Jaime worked with me to identify my blocks and to help remove them. Her process was very powerful and we got to the deepest layers of what was holding me back. Since working with her I have attracted an entirely different partner, but more importantly it has allowed me to love myself and live a more fulfilling and purposeful life. I have never felt so good and it’s also helped me to be stronger, improve my communication and have a deeper spiritual connection in everything that I do. I’ve never been so clear about who I am and what I want and I’ve never felt such freedom and excitement for what’s to come. I feel an amazing sense of contentment and self confidence. I approach life very differently and the people around me have noticed. I am now drawing in healthier relationships and am attracting more available and more compatible partners. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful guide like Jaime. She’s been an amazing gift in my life!”
Becky, Designer & Owner



P.S. If you’re feeling scared or thinking “could this really work for me?” I encourage you to schedule a call a free, no-risk with me anyway—there’s a reason you’ve found yourself on my site. Go with your gut and let’s talk about if this process is right for you.


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