“This is about making your entire life better—not about pie in the sky affirmations or visualizations, it’s about real life manifestation based in clearing what would keep you from living your biggest dreams yet.”

Hello Dreams is different because we’re working to excavate what blocks you at the root level from manifesting your heart’s desires, not trying to manipulate your calling through empty and desperate wishing.

What was once elusive and out of your control will be effortless. This is about transforming your life from the inside out so that you’re forever able to create with clarity from a new vantage point.


Hello Dreams is a transformative process that happens in 3 stages:
Stage 1: Healing – Clear the Path for YOUR VISION.

This is where it all begins. In this dynamic period, you will…

✓     Unravel and cut coping mechanisms that are preventing you from finding reaching your potential.
✓     Finally find and release the toxic behavior patterns that bind you.
✓     Heal from your past pain and discover a Divine Power to help guide you from deep within you.
✓     Start transforming immediately within all areas of your life (because you’re showing up differently!)
✓     Experience new and different results—because you’ve finally cleared the way for your true self to shine through.
✓     Receive personalized attention and customized solutions that are in alignment with the Hello Dreams system, but are specifically tailored for you.




Now that we’ve cleared the path for your passion, we’ll journey onwards towards manifesting your dreams!

    Dive deep into old relationship “blind spots” in order to completely move on.
     Let go of all the beliefs & gunk you didn’t realize you were hanging onto.
     Step into the unshakable understanding that what you want is achievable—and is absolutely available for you.
     Know to your very core that you deserve happiness & money—and start manifesting the results of that attitude.
     Manifest your true desires through my one-of-a kind visioning and gratitude process.
✓      Receive personalized attention and customized solutions that are in alignment with the Hello Dreams system, but are specifically tailored for you.

Learn more now about the dreams and money program will change the rest of your life.




Stage 3: MIRACLES – ARRIVE AT Destiny’s door.

This is the incredible finish line! By this stage, you’ll be consciously crafting the life you’ve always dreamed of. During this time period, you will…

     Realize your dreams and get support as you acclimate to “the new normal” of your awesome life.
     Deliberately utilize all the discoveries you developed in the first two stages of Hello Dreams to manifest abundant miracles in your life.
     Continue the discovery process of yourself and keep aligning your actions with who you truly are.
     Get “in the trenches” support as you up level your career, try new experiences, and go after money and life goals.


Hello Dreams is an integrative system that incorporates:

  • Compassionate, dedicated one-on-one coaching
  • Helpful email and phone support
  • Transformative reading assignments
  • Powerful writing and journaling exercises
  • Life-changing affirmations and other tailored activities


“When I first even spoke with Jaime about her HELLO DREAMS program, I was terrified to have hope, so much so that I didn’t follow through and begin. It took being in a an accident, laid up in bed for nine months with severe suicidal depression that followed to get my attention. The final blow was I had a client suing me and a three day eviction notice because I couldn’t even pay rent on my apartment. When I finally reached out to Jaime, I had pushed everyone away from me, friends, family, anyone who could help me because I was in such a state of pain, desperation, shame, and hopelessness around my money and relationships.

I had been in therapy multiple times trying to figure out what my real problem was. I was sober for decades and very accomplished my career; people often told me I was smart, attractive and funny. Men always asked me why I was still single but never asked me out. I had twisted myself into an unrecognizable pretzel trying to figure out why I couldn’t manifest my ideal life and relationships? I had even met the Dalai Lama numerous times and gotten his blessing, but still my life wasn’t working.

Enter Jaime and HELLO DREAMS. No words can describe the process of meeting with Jaime weekly and walking through the blocks had kept me repeating my painful patterns. She had no judgement, only insight, kindness, and the ultimate in compassion. Jaime’s process is nothing short of some kind of otherworldly crazy magical miracle grow formula. Seriously, several times I tearfully told her that if it could work for me in my desperate state, it could work for anyone!

Several months later, I was begging her to rename the program “Hello Miracles!” I went from being on disability back to my business with a renewed vision of what was possible. My relationships completely changed from needing and waiting for someone to save me, to me being willing and able to stand up, show up and save myself. The result? My income went from absolutely nothing to $40,000. in sales a month! Obviously the program more than paid for itself… but what really matters is I’m full of enthusiasm for my life and relationships.

If you are feeling lost, blocked, hopeless, and truly can’t find a solution anywhere else, I highly recommend Jaime. She is after all, a miracle worker.”
– Siddiqui Ray, Photographer, Los Angeles



Still not sure? Hello Dreams is a dedicated program for people who are truly ready to find happiness, success and more money.
If you…

  • Are ready to eradicate what’s holding you back from the success you desire…
  • Are willing to trust the process and go outside your comfort zone to get what you truly desire…
  • Know that what you’re doing right now has been holding you back but you still can’t figure it out…
  • Are anxious and skeptical about making the necessary changes wondering if


While working with Jamie on HELLO DREAMS, I had a complete and unexpected Miracle… I was asked to speak at one of the most major institutions in the world in my industry. For someone in my position, this would have been unthinkable before my work with Jamie, however, as a result of the HELLO DREAMS Program, I saw how the Universe met me where I was with my new beliefs in hand and the blocks to my dreams removed. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jamie!

P/S/ Can I mention that my income increase in the first month we were working together and more than paid for the entire coaching package? AMAZING!”
– Anne, Art Historian & Business Owner, LA, CA



P.S. If you’re feeling scared or thinking “could this really work for me?” I encourage you to schedule a call a free, no-risk with me anyway—there’s a reason you’ve found yourself on my site. Go with your gut and let’s talk about if this process is right for you.

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